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Conceived and developed by Logical Habitat, is a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge advancements in residential construction, technology, and design. This innovative concept integrates products from top-tier retailers within an active construction site, effectively transforming it into a unique trade show experience. The Trade House serves as a platform for retailers and manufacturers of leading brands in the industry to host seminars and events throughout the build process. This immersive approach, known as the Learn Build Browse experience, offers an opportunity for retailers to introduce and educate industry professionals on the benefits and advancements in technology within the building industry. Additionally, products are showcased and installed on-site, providing firsthand demonstrations of their capabilities in a real-use case scenario.

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is to meet them where they are. By bringing together the leading manufacturers, Retailers and top Pro's in their perspective fields from structural and framing to fixtures and finishes. This exhibition approach creates an opportunity to engage in discussions to train or even get certified. One-on-one or in a group setting, demonstrate and introduce your products and solve problems face-to-face. Right in their backyard.



the newest building techniques and expand your professional networks. The Trade House offers Remodelers, home builders, contractors, and other tradesmen and women the opportunity to learn from the leading industry experts through live, on-site building clinics and demonstrations and get certified in a classroom-style setting.



The Trade House is the perfect event for construction professionals looking to help their clients add additional value to their homes by being able to build using the latest products and technologies through fun to-attend networking events custom-designed by the manufacturer to showcase and try out their product perfectly



an open house re-envisioned as a popup marketplace Stage & Shop, where every aspect of the home becomes a featured product in a contextualized shopping experience. From the windows and siding to bath and lighting fixtures, furniture, appliances, paint, sheets, towels, and more, builders, contractors, homebuyers, and design enthusiasts can shop every surface in the house.



LH Marketing App

Experience the innovation of TagX, brought to you by Logical Habitat. Our app revolutionizes the retail journey by seamlessly integrating a QR scanner, marketing tool, digital publishing platform, and e-commerce platform. Retailers can now effortlessly track user interactions and data across various retail settings, providing valuable insights into customer behavior.


TagX for Domino Magazine is a prime example of our collaborative efforts with major retailers and interior designers. Together, we've created the first-ever shoppable home in the Hamptons. This immersive experience allows consumers to scan, save, share, and shop products in a beautifully designed home while it's on the market. Leveraging real-time signals of intent, our platform enables marketers to understand customer journeys beyond traditional retail channels.


With the TagX app, consumers can discreetly scan tags to explore, save, and shop their favorite products. This personalized shopping experience empowers buyers to make informed decisions based on their preferences and needs. Meanwhile, retailers gain valuable insights into user impressions and engagement, facilitating direct interaction with consumers based on product interest. Join LH in transforming the real-estate and retail landscape with TagX.

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